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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a tutor?

You can book a tutor by either calling us or by filling a form ‘Find a tutor’. After specifying your needs, we will then begin a search from our database of tutors to find the most suitable one for you. We contact the tutor, explain your request, and ensure they are able to meet your requirements. This tutor will then call you and make arrangements to come to your home or any agreed place for formal introduction.

How much do lessons cost?

Generally, our tutoring rates range between US$5/hr and US$10/hr depending on the student’s level and learning needs. For our tertiary, professional and language training programs, our rates will depend on  the purpose of tutorship (either for academic, business or personal knowledge), the qualification of the tutor needed (e.g. M.ED,, HND etc), frequency of the lesson per week and the duration per lesson (e.g. 1hr, 2hrs, 3hrs etc), number learners to be taught, and so on.

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Does the tutor have the necessary qualifications and knowledge to tutor my child?

Using Private Tutors Zimbabwe to conduct your search for tutors will guarantee correct qualifications and knowledge needed to teach your child. If you are hiring a tutor specifically for an exam, you should be sure that the tutor has the requisite knowledge about the exam procedure beforehand. When hiring a tutor for your child, always make sure they have enough teaching experience and authentic qualification. Private Tutors Zimbabwe will always look for the best tutor and ensure these checks are made on your behalf.

What geographical areas do you cover?

Our online lessons are available to anyone regardless of location.  Home teaching services are available for students who are currently living in the Harare region and nearby towns. However, we intend to extend our services to other cities in Zimbabwe very soon.

Can I change a tutor that I have been allocated?

Yes. If at any time you find that the tuition/tutor is not suitable for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact us so that other arrangements can be made.

How can I help tutor my child?

Staying in regular communication with you tutor is important. Keeping session times regular and in a routine will help motivate your child. By investing in the correct tutor, you are already contributing to your child’s development.